Friday, October 15, 2010

captivating confetti

i think i would like to cover my apartment in these creations from confetti system.  i also think it would make every day feel like a celebration.  who needs an occasion for confetti??  not me!


quirky sexy ladies

Below:  Inara George (of Bird & the Bee fame)

 AND Sia!!!  I think I just wet my pants a little 


Wednesday, October 6, 2010


Hey there, so I've been a bit lazy (by 'lazy you should read: I had a migraine for 48 hours and have been working too much) and haven't updated in a while, but here you are!  I am back and have something exciting to share!

Being a lowly retail nerd, with not much dosh to satisfy her fashion obsession, I tend to ignore the big name designers because I just end up wanting their stuff and I get depressed.  I do sometimes turn to them for inspiration, and to get an idea of what might be hitting the streets in a few months time.  I have a few favourites who never disappoint me and top of that list is Stella McCartney. 

There are many reasons why I love her including; she didn't use fame to get where she is, she is ACTUALLY talented (unlike a lot of celebrity spawn); She is a vegan and is vehemently against the use of leather and fur; Her designs are consistently classic, timeless, feminine, sexy and understated.  They show the beauty of the wearer, you wear her clothes rather than the other way round.

So it was with much excitement that I clicked on this link this morning: Stella McCartney Designs for Target
EEEE!!!  I have to admit, the stock is nothing like her other collections in terms of wow-factor, and I would even go as far as to say I prefer her collections for adidas (& me & sport have an interesting relationship!).  But... in terms of beautiful classic and understated pieces for a reasonable price, this collection ticks all the boxes.  Here's a selection of my faves:

Lace Tee $129 in blue. black and cream 

Sequin Sweater Dress $149 in nude & black 

Tulip Trench Coat $249 in nude & black 

Gathered Silk Tulip Dress $199
(all images sourced from target website)

All the product goes on sale October 29 at selected Target stores.  I love the shapes of everything and feel it would work perfectly for my figure, but I'm not sure I'll join the crowds in Target on that day, it all gets a bit much for me!  I'll probably scour ebay for the stock later.

xoxo raimentlove