Saturday, September 25, 2010


DISASTER! So I've been trying to dye my hair red for a while now with varying success, and yesterday I stumbled across a red hair colourant for dark hair, that promised even and wonderful results!  LIES  I rinsed the flourescent orange mixture out of my hair (the colour it went on my head should have been my first warning) and looked in the mirror to see a monster.  My hair had fluro orange roots and black ends, needless to say there was lots of squealing and arm flaling. 

Once my lovely man calmed my down, we resolved that I would make an early morning trip to the supermarket below our apartment to get some black dye to cover it all up before I had to start work the next day.  But the disaster didn't end there, the opening hours were listed incorrectly and by the time I had figured that out, I had to be on a bus on my way to work.  So I took a deep breath and decided that I wouldn't let this be a total disaster.  It could be an opportunity to rock a look I've left on the shelf for a while. . .

So I went all Edie Beale (think grey gardens) and made it look new season/modern by wearing an entirely nuetral palette.  Here was my inspiration:

Edie Beal as a child

 Edie all grown up

Now having short hair, it means that wearing a head scarf in this fashion can make me look like I might be bald underneath, so rather than a scarf I went the turban route.  Because there was no hair to frame my face and I was dressed head to toe in neutrals I made a decision to go a bit heavier on the make-up than I normally would, with strong dark lippy, thick lashes, a lick of eyeliner and defined rosy cheeks.  I only had my iphone on me to take photos but I hope you get the idea from the images below:

Turban from Sportsgirl $24.95

Scarf and oversized tee from Pink Zebra $89.95, and $79.95 respectively

Jeans from J-Brand $249 and wedges from General Pants $99.95

So there you have it, a disaster turned into a disastertunity!!\

Love raimentlove xo

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