Sunday, September 26, 2010

luxe for less

Hey There!

So what's the best cure for the "I only have one day off this weekend" blues?  Retail therapy, that's what.  And yes, just because I work in a shop, doesn't mean I'm ever going to get sick of going shopping. So it was off to Bondi to kill two birds with one stone and make the most of a stunningly sunny day whilst also getting some serious shopping done.

I've been a little obsessed with jewellery lately, which is rare, because I'm normally all about the clothes and less about the trimmings.  A woman came in to my shop the other day with the most gorgeous ring on, it turned it is from a line called "luv low" by supermodel Erin Wasson.


I was hooked and decided I had to have it, but with a $129 price tag, I would have to wait until I was seriously cashed up.
I also stumbled across designer Laurel Wells gorgeous dip dye and feathered necklaces at  they are stunning, but quite pricey.  I did think though that they would be the perfect pieces to liven up anything plain, tees, dresses etc.

Luckily I didn't have to wait or save to find these items because Sportsgirl had them both for a fraction of the price! (Well, look-a-likes anyway.)  Check out my awesome finds below:

Love raimentlove xoxo

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